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Hello friends and family! I'm Eliana, and as many of you know I'm going to Brazil for 10 months in August. This website is going to host my blog where I'll share my experiences going on my exchange year. I'll be writing in english, so everyone can read along!

I will be leaving my home in the Netherlands to go to Brazil in August 2023 with the exchange program AFS. I'll be living in a host family and going to high school. I'm going to Manaus, which is in the middle of the Amazon! :)

This blog was made to keep in touch with my family and friends back home, and anyone else who is interested in reading about my adventure. 

If you'd like to stay up to date with what I'm doing, follow my blog. On the right here you can see my recent posts. Feel free to comment and ask questions! I've also got my current favourite song on here (that I'll update whenever I have a new favourite song) and some of my videos. 

Tchauuu - Eliana

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Acabou chorare - Novos BaianosBeach Boys
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